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有关人工智能利弊的英语作文篇1   Recently, Google’s AlphaGo defeated Lee sedol, the World Go champion, 4 to 1 in a five game match. It makes us anxiety .Some people expect AI to benefit mahkind in more fields. Some others fear that AI will eventually get out of control. But I think that’s not worry.   Firstly, Artificial intelligence is the simulation of information on the process of consciousness, thinking. Artificial intelligence is not human intelligence ,but can think like people, may also be more than human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has two views, one is BOTTOM-UP AI, the other is -DOWN AI. BOTTOM-UP AI points out that it is possible to create a truly intelligent machine that can reason and solve problems, and that such machines can be perceived as conscious and self aware. -DOWN AI could not produce real reason and solve the problem of intelligent machines, these machines but looks like intelligence, but didn"t really have a smart, also won"t have independent consciousness. In my opinion, -DOWN AI is more realistic, BOTTOM-UP AI is a bit beyond the current level of science and technology. Secondly, Our country will not allow artificial intelligence with independent consciousness, just like you can’t cloning human by cloning technology.   Finally, we have to calm the mood, good every day.   有关人工智能利弊的英语作文篇2   Not long ago,it"s a hot topic that the world champion Go Li Shishi was defeated by AlphaGo owned by Google. It marks the progress of artificial intelligence. But there is a saying gose like this"Every coin has its two sides.".Some people express favourablely receive, others worry about that AI would cause chaos to humans.To this,it"s not comprehensive enough.   Undoubtedly, advanced technology has brought much convenience to us.In some special work environment, AI can help human to get the job done.Simultaneously, it"s likely to lead to certain unemployment. But it is not said that AI will replace or even destroy human.There are two reasons to support the view. To start with,AlphaGo hinges upon the powerful computing capacity of the computer and repetitive logic.It has merely a in-depth study to departed information,and its wisdom only shows in a certain field.However, the superiority of humans is the expectations and imagination for future, rather than cognitive and learning abilities. We should innovate audaciously.By means of very unusual strategy, one can overcome AlphaGo.Furthermore,people can understand or convince others by communication. In fact,a good deal of tests show that it can"t persuade the human to do anything. It should be concerned that there might be an outlaw uses the AI to commit crimes in the future.   From what has been discussed above, I think we should revere the AI instead of threatened. In the future, humans will cooperate with AI to finish work.It is conducive to promote the development of society more and more quickly and efficiently.   有关人工智能利弊的英语作文篇3   The Impact of AI on Our Life   In recent years, AI(artificial intelligence) is ubiquitous, maybe you didn"t notice it at all, but recently, Google"s AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, the World Go Champion. It must cause your attention, meanwhile, the machine"s sweeping victories have once again made AI a hot topic. The impact of artificial intelligence on our life is mainly reflected in following aspects.   First, the impact of AI on natural science. In many subjects which need computers, AI has an important position, conversely, AI is helpful to the formation of our own intelligence.   Second, the impact of AI on economy. AI into various fields to generate huge benefit, but it also causes the question of employment. As AI replaced the human in many ways, it leads to a huge change in a social framework.   The last one is the impact of AI on society, AI provided a new model to our life, because many developers use AI to develop more interesting games, it makes our life colorful.   AI is a double-edged sword, because some people expect AI to benefit mankind in more fields, and some others fear that AI will eventually get out of control. But in my view, if we can use it very well, it will bring more   conveniences to our life, not to lose control. Not only so but also can develop technology.   有关人工智能利弊的英语作文篇4   Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology, internet and electronic commerce have been very popular in our daily lives. For example, it is fashionable for youngsters to purchase daily essentials, such as books, clothes, electrical equipment, on some famous website, like   Taobao, EBay and Alibaba, through many courier companies. As we all known, online shopping has many advantages. Firstly, online shopping is more convenient than traditional means. We can find a shop with so many goods that we may favor, while all these just need clicking our mouse and typing-in the key word of what we want to find. And it also saves our a great some of time. Secondly, more choices than real store are another attraction to customers. Online shopping can provide mass   information about products which can be suit for customer"s needs, tastes, and preferences. Thirdly, as without traditional warehouses and retail shops, online shopping has can make us gain lower costs and prices. However, in spite of its advantages, we can"t turn a blind eye to its disadvantages. Obviously, quality problem is its first disadvantage.   Customers always buy fake commodities which are not described as online shops. In addition, it"s troublesome and annoying for us to make a change when they are not satisfied with what we bought online. The second   disadvantage is security issues. When we shop online, we need pay for the commodities by electronic payments, but hackers can invade our   computers and steal our information, this is not safe for online shopping.   有关人工智能利弊的英语作文篇5   Nowadays, artificial intelligence, which is becoming more and more familiar with us with the development of science and technology, is infiltrating into our daily life gradually, and it brings great convenience and progress to our society. Although we don"t have a great knowledge about the specific content of artificial intelligence, we enjoy the convenience and benefit that artificial intelligence brings to us. We can say that artificial intelligence is changing the way of our living, learning, working and so on.   Artificial intelligence can be scripted as a new science and technology, which is used to simulate human intelligence. Namely, computers simulate the way of human"s thinking and intelligent behavior, such as Learning, Reasoning, Thinking, Planning, and so on. We can"t deny the fact that artificial intelligence is of great application nowadays. For example, a lot ofintelligent computer or household appliances come into our life, intelligent robots help us to finish some difficult work that we can"t do by ourselves, and intelligent control has improved our working greatly. We can say that artificial intelligence exists everywhere.   As one of the three most cutting-edge technologies in twenty-first Century, artificial intelligence has a very bright prospect. However, The biggest obstacle of it is that it is a subject, which is related to computer science. P   sychology. Philosophy and other knowledge. Therefore, what we should do is to study hard, widen our knowledge, and consolidate our professional knowledge. Only by this way can we do contribution to the development of artificial intelligence and the improvement of our lives. Future trends in computer science is one of the artificial intelligence,It is the research and artificial simulation of human thought and eventually be able to make a human like to think the same machine.For human services and to help people solve problems. After all, people thought it was unique, there are feelings, there are a variety of character, this will be very difficult to achieve in the machine.In fact, to do the same as the human thinking machine, the only one of the artificial intelligence, is by no means all. Through the study of artificial intelligence, can resolve all kinds of scientific problems, and promote the development of other science, the artificial intelligence is the best!   I believe that the science of artificial intelligence is waiting for humanity to explore it step by step the real connotation.   计算机科学的未来趋势是人工智能的一种,它是人类思维的研究和仿真,最终能够使人喜欢思考,为人类服务,帮助人们解决问题。   毕竟,人们认为它是独特的,有感情,有各种各样的字符,这将是非常难以实现的机器,事实上,做同样的人的思维机器,的人工智能,是没有任何手段。通过对人工智能的研究,可以解决各种科学问题,促进其他科学的发展,人工智能是的!   我相信人工智能的科学正在等待人类去探索它一步一步的真正内涵。   机器人本身并没有是非善恶之分,关键在于如何运用。面对日新月异的机器人技术,人类需要的是与之相匹配的使用智慧。说到底,机器人技术到底是为人类造福,还是为祸,关键仍然在于我们自己的选择。 由于人工智能拥有智商,它可能会反抗人类。这种隐患也在多部电影中发生过,其主要的关键是允不允许机器拥有自主意识的产生与延续,如果使机器拥有自主意识,则意味着机器具有与人同等或类似的创造性,自我保护意识,情感和自发行为   有关人工智能利弊的英语作文篇6   When we sit in front of the television to watch the colorful programs we hand on the mouse in the computer world; when we are in the spring season with relish   eatingwatermelon...... We may have thought: what brings our life change so much? Is science!Is a great strength of science and technology, changing everything around us, changed the world! With the progress of science and technology, the face of the world what has changed? Grandma said: people live longer! Developed in science, hunger and diseasehas been a threat to the enemy of human existence, countless people by disease and starvation mercilessly killed precious life. China"s establishment of the new China, the average life expectancy of the population was only 35 years old. No wonder her old grandmother before talking about "life rarely live to seventy" sigh. And now, what have Iheadache and fever, to the hospital to buy some medicine to fight a few needles. So, my grandmother very happy all day long to boast of good health, what people live a hundred years is not surprising "said! Dad said: our work easier! No longer the same --face loess back into the air like a grandfather when, on the hard physical labor, on theelusive God dinner. In the use of high-tech agricultural park, arable land, sowing,harvesting and other procedures can be used to manage the computer, to complete for agricultural machinery. It makes people from heavy manual labor freed. Mother said: our life better! Before,   people always worry about the problem of food and clothing. The development of science and technology, let us fill the rice bag, filled with vegetable, not only to eat, and eat well, eat more rich. Last year, my family also built two four storey building. I also have their own little world, father is still in my room to install air conditioning, warm in winter and cool in summer, I can sit comfortably An Jingjing, writingin reading story books. I want to say, I feel that the progress of science and technology,the world has become smaller! The annual Spring Festival, Zhang uncle next door tothe long-distance telephone, and as far away as Taiwan"s brother call to congratulate,separated by thousands of miles of the   family in the ear. You want to learn from India,along the way to travel over land and water, brave the wind and dew, experienced all kinds of hardships, had walked for several years before they reached their destination.Now, fast and safe vehicle, ship, aircraft and other transportation our footprints inalmost all the places on earth. The "five one" festival, our family went to the capital Beijing! In the east of the world, our ancestors invented   gunpowder, the compass,printing, papermaking, creating its own brilliant history. We are lucky to grow in a new era, science has never been so dazzlingly beautiful flowers, the road of science has never been so wide. Students, let us from an early age to develop good habit of lovescience, science, scientific spirit, and climb the heights of science, to create a beautiful home.